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Friday, June 29, 2007

Räikkönen admits season not gone to plan

Kimi Räikkönen admitted the first half the Formula One season has not gone according to plan.

The Ferrari driver is currently 26 points adrift from championship leader Lewis Hamilton and has not won a race since his debut for the Italian squad in Australia.

“For sure we don’t expect to be in this position but that’s racing and I think we just try to improve, try to get things how we like and try to start winning races and that’s our main goal,” he told reporters on the eve of the French Grand Prix.

“I think I expect better results but there are certain things that haven’t been right and we try to improve those and then hopefully at some point we will get it right and we can get the results that we want and I can drive how I want,” he revealed. “This seems to take a bit of a longer time.”

Despite a positive test last week’s at Silverstone, the Finnish driver was cautious for this weekend’s French Grand Prix.

“You can always see the results from testing but you don’t know what the other teams are doing,” he said.

“I think we have improved the car, for sure. The car felt very good at Silverstone but this a different circuit, a different place. We need to wait until the race, until the qualifying to see how it goes, but we have a positive feeling about it.”

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