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Friday, July 13, 2007

F1 drops US GP

Formula One has turned its back on the United States after Bernie Ecclestone revealed that Indianapolis would not be hosting the grand prix next year.

The F1 supremo and race organiser Tony George have been locked into negotiations for several weeks but failed to reach an agreement.

"We didn't reach an agreement. Let's see if we miss America," said Ecclestone, who had already issued his intent after describing America as "not vital" for F1 saying, "there are bigger markets for us to be in other parts of the world."
Indianapolis chief executive Tony George expressed his dismay at the decision, but remained confident that F1 could return to the circuit in the future.

"After several discussions, Bernie Ecclestone and I were unable to agree how to keep F1 in Indianapolis for the near term," he said. "However, we have agreed to leave the door open for a potential future date."

Eccelstone’s decision to abandon Indianapolis is a dramatic U-Turn after years of talking up the prospect of staging a second grand prix in America possibly in Las Vegas.

However, diminishing crowd numbers and an apathetic regard for Formula One by the fans that have a feast of other motor racing series at their disposal, has prompted Ecclestone to look east and concentrate on breaking new markets in Asia.

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