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Thursday, August 2, 2007

BMW Sauber
Sauber had a horrid season in 2005 after a rather respectable campaign the year before. Peter Sauber had always resisted colaborating with a big manufacturer ever since he formed the team in 1993. However, the need for financial muscle was inevetible - both on and off the track and the Swiss finally had to give-in to a buy-out offer from BMW.

In their first season as a full team, BMW had employed Nick Heidfeld and Jacques Villeneuve with Robert Kubica as the test driver. It wasn't the best season, but for a debut year, 36 points and fifth in the Constructors' championship was not too bad either. Having Villeneuve on the team paid off when he scored the teams first points in Malaysia. In the same race, the team a radical aerodynamic attachment that has since been dubbed the 'twin towers' as homage to the Petronas Towers (Petronas are the team's principal sponsors) in Kuala Lumpur. The attachment has since been banned by the FIA as it could prove to be obstructive to drivers.

While there were initial troubles in the first half of the season, they performed substantially better in the second half. Heidfeld and Kubica both managed a podium finish and allowed a strong end to the year. Kubica was racing thanks to Villeneuve not being fit after an accident in Germany.

For 2007, Heidfeld and Kubica will be the main drivers for BMW with Sebastian Vettel and Timo Glock as the test drivers. The car's reliability that was one of the main issues going into winter testing, seems to have been ironed out.

Whatever the case, BMW has done well enough to keep fans and competition interested in how they shape up. And at a time when F1 needs someone to challenge the four dominant teams, BMW Sauber could well be the team.

Team Boss: Mario Theissen

Races: 246

Race Wins: 0

Constructor's Championships: 0

Engine: BMW P86 (V8)

Chassis: F1.06 Carbon-fibre monocoque

Suspension: Upper and lower wishbones (front and rear), inboard springs and dampers, actuated by pushrods

Brakes: Six-piston callipers (Brembo), carbon pads and discs

Tyres: Bridgestone

Transmission: Longitudinally mounted 7-speed transmission, carbon-fibre clutch

Engine power:
Over 18,500 rpm
GearBox: 7-speed BMW Sauber, semi-automatic, longitudinally mounted, carbon casing
Weight: 605 kgs (including driver, camera and ballast)
Dimensions: 4610mm x 1800 mm x 1000mm
Valves: 4 valves per cylinder; pneumatic valve system
Total displacement: 2.4 litres

Team Personnel:
Team manager:
Designer: Jorg Zander
Chief engineer: -
Drivers: Nick Heidfeld (Germany), Robert Kubica (Poland)
Test driver: Sebastian Vettel, Timo Glock

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