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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Red Bull
Red Bull Racing bought the Jaguar team at the end of the 2004 season, after it was put up for sale by Ford following several dismal seasons in the sport... And what a turn-around they achieved!!!

The energy-drinks company, completed an impressive debut season with the help of David Coulthard and two other contracted drivers - Christian Klien, and Vitantonio Liuzzi. They gained a handful of points to finish ahead of Sauber, Jordan and Minardi.

Coulthard also seems to have played a significant role off the track, and is reported to have played an integral role in convincing design guru Adrian Newey to leave McLaren and head to RBR.

In 2006, Red Bull decided to move away from the Cosworth engines they were using as a legacy of their deal with Jaguar. They signed a deal with Ferrari but despite Coulthard's praises, the car did face initial troubles and Red Bull could not make an early impact. Furthermore, Klien ended up moving out for the last three races, replaced by Robert Doornbos but the results did not come. Although the RB2 (the 2006 car) had a similar engine to the Ferrari (V8 specification regulations made this mandatory), they could not compete with the major teams.

Red Bull has reworked their strategy for 2007 and these changes include an engine from Renault, Bridgestone tyres and Mark Webber as the second driver. Despite high hopes, though, Red Bull is in danger of falling short of the targets they are setting themselves. A slightly pessimistic Coulthard said after two practice sessions at Sakhir, "At the moment we're not going to achieve the goals I had for the year. But we've some more time to develop and hopefully, once we've done that, we can try and achieve them."

Whether they have enough time or not is debatable, but Red Bull does have some high hopes. Even if they don't achieve it all this season, there's always next. After all, they have signed the Concorde agreement and are going nowhere!

Team Boss: Christian Horner

Races: 47

Race Wins: 0

Constructor's Championships: 0

Engine: Renault

Chassis: RB2 Carbon Aramid produced by Red Bull

Suspension: -

Brakes: AP Racing Calipers, Carbone Industries carbon-fibre

Tyres: Bridgestone

Transmission: 7-speed unit + reverse

Engine power:
Over 18,500 rpm
GearBox: 7-speed unit + reverse
Weight: 605 kgs (including driver, camera and ballast)
Dimensions: --
Valves: 4 valves per cylinder; pneumatic valve system
Total displacement: 2.4 litres

Team Personnel:
Team manager: --
Designer: Robert Taylor
Chief engineer: --
Driver: David Coulthard (Great Britain), Mark Webber (Australia)
Test driver: --

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