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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Super Aguri
With just the one season under their belt, Super Aguri has a lot to prove. Their driver line-up of Takuma Sato and Anthon Davidson isn't the best on the track, but they are still in the development stages of their car. In fact, it is thanks to Super Aguri that Takuma Sato is still in Formula 1 racing!

The team almost missed the 2006 season because it could not produce a necessary financial bond of $48 million on time. Thereafter, there were hurdles caused by the erstwhile Jordan team who cited reduced TV revenues as a reason for blocking their entry. In the end, it all worked out and Super Aguri was granted entry into F1 just a month before the season.

Their first season had its set of teething troubles but Super Aguri has managed to get past those. Development on the car has been satisfactory and in the last race of 2006, they finished in 10th place, their best finish. Driver troubles, though, continued to plague them through 2006 with Yuji Ide, Sato's original team-mate having his Super License revoked. The FIA said he needed more experience outside the F1 circuit.

Franck Montagny replaced Ide for seven races while the final seven races of the season were completed by Sakon Yamamoto. Neither car could score any points as the team finished at the bottom of the group.

Things have obviously improved at Super Aguri since their debut season. Takuma Sato also exudes a quiet confidence that emanates from a team that knows it's past the initial troubles. "We are now in a very different situation compared with this time last year. This project was launched by only a few people a year ago, but there are more than 150 people working at SAF1 Team now," he says.

It will be good if another team can rise to challenge the big four of Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Renault. And Super Aguri has the expertise. All it needs is some experience.

Team Boss: Aguri Suzuki

Races: 28

Race Wins: 0

Constructor's Championships: 0

Engine: Honda V8 RA806E

Chassis: SA05 - Super Aguri F1

Suspension: Ohlins

Brakes: AP Racing Hitco Carbon

Tyres: Bridgestone

Transmission: Semi-auto 7 speeds

Engine power:
Over 18,500 rpm
GearBox: 7-speed semi automatic electro hydraulically controlled
Weight: 605 kgs (including driver, camera and ballast)
Dimensions: 4666mm x 1800mm x 950mm
Valves: 4 valves per cylinder; pneumatic valve system
Total displacement: 2.4 litres

Team Personnel:
Team manager:
Designer: Peter McCool
Chief engineer: --
Drivers: Takuma Sato (Japan), Anthony Davidson (Great Britain)
Test driver: Sakon Yamamoto

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